When Adopt a Dog rescues a dog from the pound, it is essential that we place the dog in a loving foster home. Foster homes play an important role in helping dogs to be rehomed. The more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can rescue.
Fostering can be very rewarding. A foster home is responsible for accepting, loving and caring for a rescue dog until a permanent home is found. Some dogs may need some training or have special needs that the foster family will need to commit to.

What does fostering involve?

Foster homes receive enquiries about the foster dog and screen potential families. They ultimately make the decision about which family will adopt the dog. Foster families are invited to attend fundraisers with their dogs at Adopt a Dog events. They also have the support of other Adopt a Dog volunteers. Adoptadog Hawkes Bay provides all the equipment and resources needed to care for the dog while in foster care. All you need to provide is your time, energy, love and the odd trip to the vet to vaccinate/desex etc. All veterinary care is paid for by Adoptadog. Although everything is negotiable, foster families in general are more successful if they have access to  the following:

  • car (for trips to the vet etc)
  • phone
  • computer or smart phone (to answer emails about the dog, or forward photos of your foster dog to our advertising guru)
  • camera or smart phone (taking photos of the dog for advertising)
  • a safely fenced in yard
  • a place inside for your new furbaby to sleep (we provide a bed and/or crate)

A rewarding experience

Fostering dogs is not always easy, and it can be a very emotional experience. But there is such joy when you see your foster dog go home with their new loving family – and you know you helped make it happen.
If you would like to find out more about becoming a foster family or any of our other volunteer roles please contact us.
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